Romantic hotels in Brighton

Given the diverse tourist types it attracts, Brighton is home to all kinds of accommodation: from flashy, five-star resorts, to cosy, budget places. The following are some of the most lavish and Brightons romantic hotels:

  1. The Grand

This is one of the best in Brighton. It is a five-star hotel offering all the facilities the best in class accommodation should give. Some of these are a restaurant, hairdresser, fitness club and 12-meter swimming pool.

  1. The Hilton Brighton Metropol Hotel

Similar to Grand, this is one of the greatest works of architecture in the city. Its leisure facilities are the most expensive in Brighton, and include a sauna, whirlpool, solarium, fitness club, swimming pool and many top of their class restaurants.

  1. The Thistle Brighton Hotel

This is a four-star venue located on the seafront, and is favored by businesspersons and lovers. The former enjoy the conference facilities and boardroom, while the latter are more attracted to the bar, three restaurants, 24-hour room service, a sauna and a fitness club.

  1. The Belgrave

This is a stylishly furnished venue with famous clubs, restaurants and bars.

  1. The Queens hotel Brighton

Equipped with all four-star facilities, The Queens is famous for its convenient location and magnificent view of the sea.

For those whose preferences are picturesque surroundings away from the urban noise, these countryside hotels are the best choice:

  1. The Beauport Park Country Hotel

Spreading across a 33-acre area of woods and gardens, this country hotel has everything a country getaway should offer: from horse riding, long strolls and tennis and badminton courts, to outdoor chess and a heated swimming pool. It is located in Hastings, a half hour away from the city centre and all the guestrooms are equipped with heated bathrooms.

  1. Ashdown Park Country Club and Hotel

A bit further from Brighton is Forest Row, home to the Ashdown Park Hotel, a four-star mansion built on 186 acres. Apart from the leisure facilities such as saunas, treatment rooms, a whirlpool and an indoor swimming pool, there are lakes, woodland trails and a secret garden, as well as a fitness studio, driving range, tennis courts and golf course.

  1. Shelley’s Hotel

This historic hotel is a wonderful option for those with a flair for history. The building was constructed in the 17th century, and was owned by the poet Percy Shelley. The luxurious accommodations are complimented with a lounge, bar and lovely garden.

  1. The Hickstead Hotel

Located in West Sussex, the Hickstead Hotel is an hour away from Brighton. All rooms have numerous facilities and the towns of West Sussex are a wonderful choice for those with a knack for exploring historical places. These are some of the many romantic hotels located in Brighton.


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Hotels in Brighton

Hotels in Brighton and How they Handle Complaints

The difference between top-notch hotels and average ones is not that problems do not occur in the better ones, it is the way they approach problems and how they provide solutions. While at some lower-class hotel, a single problem may turn into a bad vacation, while with top hotels, it is certain that the staff will go out of their way not only to solve the problem, but also to make up for it!

Because of the many problems that may occur, it is a very good decision to choose a hotel that will do the right thingin case of any undesired situation.

The finest hotels like Claridges, Browns, One Aldwych, The Grove and The Lanesrborough will, at the price they charge, do an outstanding job at addressing any complaint that comes up. Generally, the hotels tend to rule in the guests favor. In case of severe issues, the hotel management may even get in touch with the guest personally to try and convince the guest to forgivethe hotel.

If any complaints come up during the guests stay, it is a general rule that these will be fixed during the stay. The situation is not much different with slightly less exclusive hotels: like Hilton, Myhotels or Malmaison. They, too, will put their best foot forward to solve any problem that arises. While mostly it falls under the job of the General Manager to address potential complaints, in case of a larger issue, it is okay to contact the head office.

Hotels also use the complaints file to make sure such issues do not repeat and improve their overall service.

It is not rare that the companys Chief Executive Officer will engage in solving the problem. CEOs of all the previously mentioned hotels have on many occasions become involved in tackling guest complaints. This is practiced, for instance, in the Red Carnation Hotel Collection, and it comes as no surprise that this company holds five positions in TripAdvisors Top 10 London hotels list.

The above description, of course, talks of the best London hotels, and the situation may be different in some cheaper, lower-class hotels. But, as for the top hotels, in a strict market such as London, they are left with no choice but to provide only the best.


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